Am I eligible to join as a preferred medical supplier?

To be eligible to register, practices must have:

  • GMC registered Doctors
  • GP registered doctors
  • CQC Compliance
  • Internet connection
  • No outstanding GMC disciplinary cases
  • Valid medical indemnity insurance
  • A reception, telephone or online booking service
  • Complaints procedure document

How do I register to be on the GP Link network of preferred suppliers?

It is FREE to join the network. All that we require is that insurance patients that come to your medical practice through GP Link are charged a fixed fee scale and that you lock your prices into our online portal. The fixed fee scale does not include specialist treatment or other services not listed on the fixed pricing fee guide. Any additional treatment will be at your pricing. We are limiting the number of medical practices on the network so we don't have an overlap of practices in each area. Registration will be on a first come first serve basis.

If your practice meets the above criteria simply fill in our on-line registration form. Once you you have filled in the online registration form we will confirm registration via email within five working days. It is very easy to implement and we have a helpline number for practices to call if they have any problems the first time they treat a patient from the GP Link network.


We have a dedicated call centre that will be able to talk through any practices that require an additional help. Visit our contact us page for contact information.