Insurance Claim Processing

Direct Settlement

As a preferred medical provider you will be issued with log in details and a web portal which enables a more comprehensive administration system to make the medical insurance claim process easier, quicker and much more cost effective for everyone involved. With our dedicated web portal the details of the patient and their claim form will automatically appear. All you have to do is fill in the details of the treatment you have carried out. This is then printed out and signed by the patient and doctor as legally required. Our software will then calculate the payment that the patient needs to make (if any) and the payment to be paid by the insurer (subject to pre-authorisation). An electronic copy will also be sent to the insurance company and one for your copy. This will then be paid directly to your practice (subject to insurance company terms and conditions)

Non-direct Settlement

GP Link membership verification can be accessed via your online web portal. Patients will pay for treatment and they will claim this back from their insurance company. You must ensure that you charge according to the GP Link network fixed fee scale that you agreed to when signing up to the network.

Healthpick Membership Card

Many members of the GP Link network will have a Healthpick membership card through employee benefit schemes. They will be able to use the Healthpick membership card at any of our GP Link preferred practices at the fixed rate fee scale. If they do not have their membership card present you can verify their membership through your online portal and relevant ID.